For homes in New Jersey, you can’t get a better or more versatile flooring option than New Jersey luxury vinyl tile. With vinyl tile, you’re really getting the best of what all flooring has to offer in a sturdy and aesthetically beautiful flooring able to withstand all of the abuses it may be put through. In homes with children or pets, New Jersey luxury vinyl tile gives you a way to finally have gorgeous flooring, and keep that gorgeous flooring through all the fun your flooring may act as the foundation for.

New Jersey’s position in the Northeast to Mid-Atlantic region of the United States means that the state sees quite a bit of weather. Hot dry summers, cold snowy winters, rainy spring seasons, and moist transitional falls are all part of New Jersey’s yearly tradition, and your New Jersey luxury vinyl tile is built to last immaculately through all of it. Inadvertently, you’ll track your New Jersey weather inside, and this type of flooring makes this a no-worry situation as you know your flooring will remain lustrous and beautiful regardless of what you may track in.

New Jersey Luxury Vinyl Tile With Children

Kids can really put flooring through the wringer, and whether your New Jersey luxury vinyl tile is the make-believe racetrack for a set of toy cars, a roller skating rink, a bicycle track, or the place to be while banging toys on the floor, your New Jersey luxury vinyl will standup to it marvelously. Vinyl tile, particularly luxury vinyl tile, has a certain softness that gives it quite a bit of cushion, so denting and damage isn’t something you’ll need to worry over quite like hardwood or other tile options.

Not only can children really make flooring live up to its potential, but they can be quite messy as well! In this respect, New Jersey luxury vinyl tile is perfect, and it’s so simple to clean that you can keep it looking brand new for years.

New Jersey Luxury Vinyl Tile With Pets

Like children, pets can really bring out the worst in your flooring, and if you’re looking for a pet-friendly flooring that will remain aesthetically pleasing through all your pet may do to it, New Jersey luxury vinyl tile is your best bet! The same softness that gives it its longevity through years of children’s play can also stand up to pet nails, play, and general day to day activity, so you won’t need to worry about pets gouging trenches in your flooring with repeated scratching or leaving dents during play. A really nice benefit is that vinyl flooring feels soft under the foot and the paw, so your pet will have a comfortable surface to walk, stand, or lay upon.

New Jersey luxury vinyl tile is also nearly impervious to water, so any pet accidents won’t be able to soak into or destroy your flooring. In younger pets and older pets, accidents can happen sometimes, and if they happen on your vinyl tile, they’ll be simple to clean up and non-damaging.

Cleaning New Jersey Luxury Vinyl Tile

Cleaning New Jersey luxury vinyl tile is incredibly easy, and there is no real special cleaning method that must be used or extra precautions that need to be taken. To start, simply take a broom of any sort, and sweep up the dust and debris, making sure to get into the corners of your flooring and underneath any furniture or fixtures. Once the floor is swept and relieved of dirt, it’ll then be time to mop the flooring and make it look shiny and new again!

When mopping your New Jersey luxury vinyl tile, the only real precaution you need to take is to make sure your floor cleaner is safe for vinyl. Most floor cleaners are, but you’re making sure in order to ensure the cleaning process will benefit your floors rather than harm them. Once you have the cleaner you want to use, pour a bit of it into a bucket of warm water, and get your soft mop ready. Simply mop the floor, getting rid of all of the stains, and allow the floor to dry for about an hour. Once the hour is up, you’ll find that your flooring looks good as new again!

New Jersey luxury vinyl tile is a brilliant flooring option for any home, and it’s really easy to see how the addition of this type of tile can benefit your home. In so many different stand-out designs and colors, and with a durability that can withstand just about anything, you can truly have an aesthetic flooring option that stays beautiful throughout its entire lifespan. In rooms likely to see spills or moisture, it can provide a worry-free flooring you know won’t suffer the damage of frequent use, but the softness allows it to work in living spaces just as easily. With New Jersey luxury vinyl tile, there is no way you can go wrong!