Cork flooring is a wonderful, eco-friendly flooring solution because it’s harvesting is strictly regulated, and cork bark is quickly replenished.  While you may think of it as a newer flooring option, quite the opposite is true. Frank Lloyd Wright made cork flooring popular in the early 20th century, using it in many of the residential and commercial buildings he designed.  Many of those same floors he installed are still in place today.

Cork flooring is as popular today mainly because of its durability and unique flexible characteristics making it resilient to direct constant pressure and impact. It’s like the memory foam for your floors.  Because of its cellular nature, it truly has memory to return to its original shape after impact or long-term pressure from furniture.  Cork is the ideal flooring material for anyone who likes to regularly re-arrange their furnishing.  

Cork flooring is also a terrific insulator for people who prefer a different look from wall-to-wall carpeting. It buffers sounds and echo while also keeping floors warm even in the coldest climates.