Generally speaking, the difference between porcelain and ceramic tile is their durability.

Porcelain, as a rule, is the harder, more durable tile.  Durability will vary greatly by manufacturer and grade.  For instance, a beautifully-crafted ceramic tile could be more durable than a low-grade porcelain tile.  Also, not every tile type or even grade is appropriate for every environment.  

Both porcelain and ceramic tile can offer you the look and feel you desire.  It’s important to talk with one of our design associates to see what product will work best for you and your space.  Come prepared with the answers to these 5 questions, and we will help you navigate the many options.

What to ask yourself when choosing tile:

1.    Will the tile be used on floors, ceilings or walls?

2.    Will the tile be located in a high-moisture area?

3.    Will the tile be exposed to the elements, directly or indirectly?

4.    What are the traffic patterns for the install space? From high-traffic areas such as a  kitchen to no traffic areas such as a tile surround of a fireplace.

5.    What is your design style, color pallet, and budget?