Classic hardwood flooring will add tremendous value, style and warmth to any space.

There are many types, finishes and styles to choose from. But, don’t worry, our design consultants will help you navigate the many options we have available to suit your specific style and space.

Before making your final selection, there are many factors you’ll need to take into account beyond just the look and budget for your new hardwood flooring.  Here is our Top 5 List of questions to consider before we get started.

Questions to ask yourself before purchasing hardwood flooring

1. Where is the hardwood flooring going?  Tell us the actual space/s, including access to space and hallways.  This is important because we often recommend very different wood flooring for bedrooms, kitchen and living spaces.  We typically will not recommend real hardwood flooring for basements.  Engineered hardwood or tile may be the right option for you.

2. How much foot traffic will this space get, and from where?  This is particularly important to ensure your new flooring holds up well. If access is from your main entry, we should consider snow and/or mud could be tracked on your flooring.

3. How sunny is your space?  Because of its tendency to fade in harsh direct sunlight, not all wood flooring will be right for your sunny space.  If looking to install hardwoods in a sunny dining or living space, we can help you select the perfect option that will offer minimal fading over the years.

However, if your desire is to select hardwood flooring for your sunroom, we will consult with you to see if there is a better, long-term option.  Hardwood floors are less energy efficiency than some other flooring options and can have a tendency to fade in harsh sunlight.  Real hardwood flooring typically isn’t recommended or practical in a sun room. Engineered hardwood or tile designed to look like wood may be the right option for you, especially if being laid over concrete. Please consult with one of our design consultants before selecting flooring for your sunny spaces.

4. What surface will your flooring be installed on?

Do you have cement, radiant-heating or standard plywood subfloor?  For example, newer engineered wood floors can be installed in places where it wasn’t practical to before like basements and over radiant-floor heating systems.  We offer many different wood flooring products ideal for any space.

5. What is your design style and budget?

We have hundreds of styles and wood species to pick from; traditional domestic hardwood flooring, such as oak and maple, to more exotic species like bamboo or acacia. You will also need to select the width of your flooring.  Wide planks give a more rustic look, while traditional narrow boards lend themselves to a traditional or modern aesthetic.  And finally, the stain color and finish.  Choose from dark stain with a high-gloss finish, to lighter tones with a medium-gloss finish.  The skies the limit in terms of wood type and style. We’ll help your make the right selection for your particular space, design style and, of course, your budget.