Your floors are the hardest working surface in your entire home. You want quality, durable flooring that is built to take a beating, but you also want elegant, beautiful flooring that will draw the eye even as it cushions the foot and resists scrapes, scratches, and other damage. Whether you are in the market for rich, sophisticated hardwood flooring, durable laminate, fashionable tile, cushy, comfortable carpeting, or hardworking vinyl, RC&R Designer Flooring is here to meet all of your unique flooring needs. Whether you need flooring for a residential or commercial space, RC&R Designer Flooring has got your floors covered.

Attentive Customer Service And Unbeatable Quality

Offering a variety of New Jersey flooring services, from installation to refinishing, RC&R Designer Flooring has been serving local home and business owners since 1997. We offer quality, custom flooring solutions that will fit within any budget. Our vision is to bring high-quality designer flooring options directly to the consumer. By providing unbeatable quality and exceptional service, we do what the big box retailers fail to do. We strive to provide the highest level of service at an affordable price, and our professional staff is attentive and receptive to your needs at every phase of the flooring selection and installation process.

From your initial in-home consultation to the clean-up following the completion of your project, RC&R Designer Flooring will exceed your expectations. Ours is a reputation that has been built on personalized, attentive customer service, keen attention to detail, and expert installation, and we take that great reputation very seriously. When you trust RC&R Designer Flooring to see to all of your New Jersey flooring services, you will be thrilled with our attentive customer service and unbeatable quality of our products and installation services.

A Variety of Beautiful, Durable, And Affordable Flooring Options

RC&R Designer Flooring offers a wide variety of New Jersey flooring services for home and business.

  • Hardwood Flooring. The classic beauty of hardwood flooring will add value, warmth, and style to your New Jersey home. Available in a staggering variety of types, finishes, and styles, hardwood flooring is a versatile option that can fit any room. RC&R provides numerous hardwood flooring options to suit your unique style and specific space. Some things to consider when considering hardwood flooring include location within your home or business, amount of foot traffic, how much sunlight the space receives, what surface (cement, standard plywood, radiant-heating) your flooring will be installed over, and your unique design style and budget requirements.
  • Carpet. Carpeting can be elegant or casual, classic or modern. Whatever style of carpeting you choose, one thing’s for sure, carpeting adds warmth and comfort to any space. It also offers an excellent sound buffer. With a number of colors and textures to choose from, carpeting is a versatile flooring option for nearly any space. Some things to consider when purchasing carpeting for your New Jersey home include your lifestyle, your unique design style, your budget requirements, and, of course, the space itself.
  • Laminate. In recent years, laminate flooring has gone from drab to fab. Its durability and versatility make it a favorite for both residences and commercial sites. Laminate flooring, which can be installed quickly in any space, provides long-lasting durability. Recent design advances mean that laminate flooring can resemble a variety of other stylish flooring options, from hard-wood to stone and concrete. Laminate flooring is practically indestructible, which makes it a great option for high traffic areas. This type of flooring can stand up to even the toughest beating, making it ideal for homes with small children and pets.
  • Cork. Cork flooring is a unique and eco-friendly flooring option. Cork bark is quickly replenished and it is harvested responsibly, making it an excellent option for the environmentally conscious home or business owner. First popularized by Frank Lloyd Wright in the early twentieth century, cork flooring is currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Cork flooring is durable and flexible, which makes it especially resilient to pressure and impact. Much like memory foam, cork flooring will bounce back regardless of what you throw at it, providing lasting beauty for your home.
  • Tile. Tile is a very popular choice for home flooring, walls, and kitchen backsplashes. The type of tile that will be the best option for you will depend upon your lifestyle and the space. When choosing tile, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind. Will the tile be installed as flooring or on ceilings or walls? Will the tile be installed in a high moisture area? Will the tile be exposed, either directly or indirectly, to the elements? Is the tile going to be installed in a high- or low-traffic area? What is your unique design style, color palette, and available budget?
  • Vinyl flooring. Much like laminate, vinyl flooring is a versatile and durable flooring surface. It is easy to clean and requires little maintenance. It can be installed nearly anywhere and comes in a variety of finishes. Vinyl is a durable and affordable alternative to tile flooring.
  • Rubber Flooring. Once limited to the gym, rubber flooring is now coming into its own as a versatile and durable flooring option for homes and business. Rubber flooring provides a durable, slip resistant and water resistant surface that offers excellent sound buffering and unbeatable resilience. It can stand up to heavy loads, impact, staining, and even burns.

Commercial Flooring And More

RC&R Designer Flooring offers a variety of high-quality commercial flooring options. Whether you are interested in carpeting, porcelain or ceramic tile, hardwood, engineered wood, cork, laminate, vinyl, or rubber flooring, let one of our expert design consultants come to your business to discuss the type of flooring that is right for you.

Another of RC&R Designer Flooring’s popular New Jersey flooring services, refinishing can restore your existing hardwood floors to their original luster and shine. If your hardwood floors are looking drab and worn, let RC&R Designer Flooring restore their natural beauty and elegance.