New Jersey is situated in a part of the country that sees a full range of all 4 seasons, and wet winters and springs, dry humid summers, and cool crisp falls can all do their damage to your flooring. For those in New Jersey, hardwood flooring makes for an excellent and easy to care for option, allowing homeowners within the state to keep their home looking beautiful regardless of what the weather may look like outside. New Jersey hardwood flooring caters to all types of flooring needs, and there are even options perfectly suited to those with pets, children, or high traffic areas of the home likely to see damage with other flooring options.

New Jersey Hardwood Flooring For Pets

32.4% of homeowners in New Jersey also share their home with a dog, and dogs can be particularly difficult when it comes to choosing the right flooring. New Jersey hardwood flooring for pets is something that over 30% of New Jersey homeowners take interest in, and we have plenty of options that keep your home looking beautiful while still keeping you and your dog happy.

Bamboo is a popular New Jersey hardwood flooring option for the state’s 32.4% population of pet owners, and this exotic hardwood is also a beautiful and highly trendy option as well. What really puts bamboo ahead of the curve in terms of pet friendly New Jersey hardwood flooring is its durability, and how it’s created using resins. With bamboo, scratches of the nails won’t affect the flooring as it may with other hardwood flooring options, and this type of wood is exceptionally simple to clean and maintain.

Hard maple is another excellent option in New Jersey hardwood flooring for pets, and with a Janka hardness rating of 1,450, hard maple is certainly an option that can stand up to nails, repeated scratching, and hard play.

New Jersey Hardwood Flooring For Kids

Like pets, kids can really do a number on the flooring of your New Jersey home, and hardwood flooring makes a perfect option to stand up for the long haul. We have plenty of New Jersey Hardwood Flooring options perfectly suited to homes with children, and these woods are made to be able to stand up to all of the abuses of messes, hard play, and plenty of traffic.

Like in homes with pets, bamboo is a gorgeous option for child friendly homes. Durability, simple maintenance, and stain resistance can keep flooring looking beautiful no matter how hard he flooring in question may be worked over the years.

Oak flooring is another New Jersey hardwood flooring option that’s perfect for homes with children, and the hardness of oak can withstand all types of play and spills. If a child decides to ride their bicycle around the house, or play with toy cars, oak flooring has the strength necessary to stand up to scratches, dents, and permanent damage.

New Jersey Hardwood Flooring Care

Whether your home has children, pets, a lot of traffic, or doesn’t see much abuse at all, caring for your hardwood flooring is still necessary. Hardwood flooring is a flooring option that never goes out of style, and keeping its luster and its beauty will require some routine maintenance. When considering your hardwood flooring care, two things that must also be taken into consideration are the type of wood you’re working with and the sealant used on the wood itself. Different woods and different sealants will require different cleaning methods, and playing close attention to these cleaning methods can ensure your floor isn’t damaged while being cleaned.

One universal care step that remains necessary no matter your type of hardwood floor is sweeping, and this keeps dust from piling up on your hardwood floors as it gets rid of top resting debris. Using a soft broom so you don’t scratch the hardwood floor, sweep the dust and debris from the floor at least once per week, but this can be done as often as you’d like. Daily sweeping sessions with your New Jersey hardwood flooring can keep your floors looking beautiful and lustrous.

With the right care, high quality hardwood flooring can last a generation or more, and if you want your flooring to last this long, you may wish to bring in the professionals every once in a while to ensure your flooring remains amply protected and maintained. Once every decade or so, you may want to call in the pros to refinish or re-seal your hardwood flooring, and ensure it remains beautiful and without damage.

Hardwood flooring is one of the most beautiful and hardy flooring options you can have in your New Jersey home, and our high-quality hardwood flooring services can give you just the flooring you want for an elegant and timeless space. With the right maintenance and care, your hardwood flooring can last a lifetime, and you’ll love the way it looks forever!