New Jersey has, to the surprise of everyone—including maybe New Jersey itself—become one of the best examples of American life in the 21st century. It’s a place that’s rising out of traditional industries to play a new role in the new century, enjoying one of the highest levels of cultural, religious and sexual integration in the country, and quietly becoming a place of inclusiveness and diversity. Whether you live in a new apartment in Little Bombay in Jersey City, or are the owner of a historical home in Hoboken, we are all proud examples of a new, progressive America that welcomes the world.

And it’s because of that diversity that New Jersey homes have become more unique and distinct as the years have passed. It’s no longer enough to simply own a home. That home, and every aspect of it, is a statement about the people who live there. That includes, the furniture, the walls, and even the floor.

Your Floor Is The Basis Of Everything

In both the literal and metaphorical sense, the floor of your home is the foundation on which everything else sits. It is first and foremost something you rely on to stand on, and walk on throughout your home and it is where you place your furniture. The floor has a vital role in the function of any structure, and it’s easy to forget about the part it plays.

But your floor is also where your home décor starts. While your floor serves a pragmatic function, it is also something that helps define you and the space you live in. The floor of your kitchen should not look and feel like the floor of your bedroom, which should not look and feel like the floor of your living room. These are different spaces, designed around different aspects of your life.

The same applies to places of work and business. The floor still plays an essential role in any commercial venture, but now it is also an important part of corporate identity, with every employee relying on the quality of the floor’s craftsmanship to allow them to do their job, while clients and customers see and feel the floor under them as part of their first impression.

Whether you’re a New Jersey resident or business owner, whether your old floor needs repair, or you’re thinking of getting a new home or place of business and want a fresh start on your floor, that’s where RC&R Designer Flooring comes in.

A Proud New Jersey Service

RC&R Designer Flooring has been a proud, local company serving other New Jerseyans since 1997, and our first priority is making sure you get the type flooring that is right for you, your home or business, and the individual room or rooms. We consult with you, find out what your needs are, and customize the flooring possibilities around what’s best for you and your structure or room. We do not believe in all-in-one solutions that can fit every home with just a few basic room dimension measurements, we believe that every home or workplace is unique, just like its owner, and strive to work with those owners and get a sense of what they want out of a room and its floor, to work together for the perfect floor. We provide new flooring work as well as floor refinishing solutions for people that just want their current floor to look and feel new again.

When you come to RC&R Designer Flooring, you come to veteran company that still treats its customers like a boutique service, with personalized treatment. We come to your home or workplace, talk about and examine your space with you, and find out what kind flooring work is the best approach based on what you tell us, and what our expert assessment of your space reveals. It’s your floor, so we always keep you in the loop about what is going to happen to it, and how we can make it better together.

A Suite Of Services

RC&R Designer Flooring works with both homes and businesses to provide floor work that is aesthetically pleasing, functional, or both. Whether you want the warm, traditional feel of hardwood floors, or want the added comfort of carpet for your home theater room, or are looking for a particular kind of tile for your bathroom or kitchen, we will work with you to find the perfect solution.

We can even find unique alternatives for specific needs you may have, such as rubber flooring for that home gym, or even music studio thanks to rubber’s sound absorbent qualities. If you’re looking to try something a little different, cork flooring is an older option that has been made new again thanks to the environmentally friendly qualities cork possesses, and its resiliency in homes where people like to move furniture around frequently for a new look.

If you’re looking for something with both durability and versatility, a new laminate floor might be the solution for you. High traffic areas of your home or workplace benefit from the strength of this material, and it can be finished with any look you can imagine, from a hardwood appearance to something more modern in design and aesthetic.

And of course, we also do floor refinishing. Perhaps you’ve already spent many years enjoying the type of floor you have, but time and life have worn down what was once a smooth, flawless surface. RC&R Flooring can come to your home and do an extensive investigation of the floor to find out exactly what condition it’s in, and then restore it to its former glory so it feels like you’re walking on a brand new floor again.

It doesn’t matter to us whether you’re the proud owner of a colonial home in Newark, or a brand new home in Chatham, RC&R Designer Flooring has the experience and customer service commitment to give you what your home needs.