5 Flooring Trends We Love For 2016

5 Flooring Trends We Love For 2016

If you plan to invest in new flooring during 2016, there are quite a few trends that are slated to be huge for the New Year! Our flooring options encompass all of these up and coming flooring fashions, and our professionals can help you to bring your home into 2016 with any trend you may like to try. Without any further ado, the 5 flooring trends we love for 2016 are:

2016’s hottest flooring trends are slated to have a little bit of everything for every home!

1. Bamboo flooring- is a natural exotic wood that can be harder than most other hardwoods when dried and finished, and it has a distinct look that many homeowners love for living rooms, dining rooms, and high traffic hallway type areas.

2. Large tile – Not the small tiles you may be used to seeing in kitchens and bathrooms, large format tiles is really talking over in 2016. What large tile offers is a way to get all of the benefits of tile flooring of any type, but without the “busy” look that small tile may give off, and the different size can really bring an interesting element into any room.

3. Cork flooring – Cork flooring has a plethora of benefits, from being more child and pet friendly, to improving the acoustics of a room. Cork is also typically more comfortable for walking on when compared to hardwoods, so it’s commonly a popular choice in living spaces looking for a comfortable and easy to clean option.

4. Luxury vinyl – Luxury vinyl is thicker and sturdier than other types of vinyl, and the sky is the limit in terms of your ability to customize and get a look you want. For homes with children and pets, luxury vinyl is also an incredibly simple to maintain option that can keep its look and feel through many years of hard use.

5. American hardwood – Good old fashioned American hardwoods will never really go out of style, but they’re slated to truly re-make a name for themselves in 2016. Everything from oak, to maple, to pine are being re-embraced in flooring for any part of the home.

The trends slated to be the most popular for 2016 can work beautifully in any sort of home, and we can help you in choosing which may be right for you, and in which part of you living space. From cork and vinyl, to exotic hardwoods, you’ll love the makeover your home can achieve with these latest flooring looks!

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