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What to put underfoot when decorating the nursery

Having a baby means making a lot of decisions, but fortunately, decorating the nursery involves fun ones! But before you decide on furniture, decorations, and paint, look down and choose your flooring with care. Remember: not only is it expensive to replace, but it needs to stand up to your little one for years to come!

Clear the area

Area rugs are a great way to punch up a room with color – without the hassle of wall-to-wall carpeting. Bonus: the many spills-to-come are easy to spot-clean or remedy by throwing the rug in the washer.

Go dark

Dark flooring – especially in wood – can hide a multitude of baby sins. Forms of (unintentional) infantile evil include spilling, spotting, staining, denting, scratching and yes, gnawing.

Say it with stencils

On the other hand, if your hardwood floor is light enough, consider styling it with stencils. The good news is that if (no, when) the design gets damaged, it’s easy to create something new right over it.

Put a cork in it

Cork floors are a terrific option for newborn bundles. It’s soft yet durable, and good for the environment. Finally, it’s anti-allergenic, which is great for those vulnerable immune systems fresh from the stork!