Choosing the right hardwood floors for your space

Hardwood floors are among the best and most practical of flooring options. They’re innately hard, hence the name “hard” wood. This makes them a practical choice for children and pets since they can take a beating. Besides being practical, wood floors
add warmth and a homey feeling wherever they are installed. Hardwood floors are often the first thing guests and potential buyers notice when visiting your home. Here’s what you need to consider when installing and decorating with hardwood floors:

Design element
Because hardwood floors are a design element all on their own, choose flooring to compliment the other design elements in the room such as furniture, paint color and decor.

Dark woods
If the room that you are working with has a lot of light, a darker wood floor might be a great option. Dark colors in exotic woods add a look of luxury to any room and are best complimented by light furniture.

Light woods
When working with a room sans a lot of natural light, a lighter wood floor can do a great job of lightening the room up. Lighter woods also allow for a larger range of color options when it comes to furniture and decor.

Board width
When choosing a board width, it’s important to consider the size and scale of the room in which you are working. Wider boards tend to make rooms that are large look smaller and cozier, while thinner boards tend to make small rooms look larger and more spacious.

Hardwood floors add such beauty and value to your home. Take the time to do your research and follow the above tips before making this well-worth-it investment.

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