The benefits of adding plants and greenery to your home

Plants and greenery are staples in many homes. Not only do plants add some much needed life to indoor spaces, but they preform several functions from making the air cleaner to eliminating noise. Here’s what plants can do for you and your space, not to mention how to go about adding more plants to your home.

Plants have health benefits.
Plants literally breathe life into your space. Refreshing, right? Plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, which means that they help to purify the air in your home. Plants can also remove VOCs (volatile organic compounds). such as those found in cigarette smoke, grocery bags or new furniture. Not only do plants make your living environment cleaner, but they also have been proven to reduce stress and help you focus.

Plants have practical uses.
Did you know that plants can reduce noise? That’s why you frequently see greenery strategically placed in offices or restaurants. Plants can be particularly useful in apartments or townhouse to help muffle and diffuse sounds.

Plants create atmosphere.
Simply put, plants and flowers look appealing. Flowers add cheer and interest to spaces, and plants can add a variety of themes to your space depending on which varieties you choose. A simple stem in a vase makes a beautiful and inexpensive centerpiece in any room of your home.

Now, to add plants to your home…
Get green! Research is the first step to finding out what types of plants will work best for your home and lifestyle. Understand that plants do require some care, and some thrive in certain conditions better than others. Once you’ve narrowed varieties that will do well in your environment, add them to tables, beside couches, on bookshelves and countertops. Then, sit back and breathe in the beauty you have created in your plant-filled home!