3 Flooring Choices Perfect For Pet Lovers

3 Flooring Choices Perfect For Pet Lovers

Dog and cat lovers often have a battle on their hands when it comes to their flooring. Even well behaved pets with clipped short nails can do their damage to some types of flooring, and pet owners will want to have a happy critter as well as a happy home with flooring that can hold up. We have plenty of flooring options for the pet lover who wants a beautiful and happy home for themselves and their pets, and we want to break down the top 3 flooring choices best suited for animal-friendly homes. The top 3 flooring choices perfect for pet lovers are:

1. Vinyl – Vinyl tile is the best of the best when it comes to pet friendly flooring. Particularly with high end vinyl, you’re getting a flooring option that is practically indestructible, and it takes a whole lot of wear, tear, and abuse to really put a dent in vinyl flooring’s look. Luxury high end vinyl is thicker than other vinyl options, so you’re getting a bit of extra protection, making it a smarter choice. When it comes to little accidents, hair, and if your pet gets sick, high end vinyl flooring will also clean up like a breeze, and your flooring will still be left beautiful and soft.

2. Linoleum – Linoleum flooring is just about as efficient as vinyl when it comes to maintaining a beautiful pet friendly home, and many of the same perks are offered. Linoleum is sturdy against scratches and nail marks, it is simple to sweep and simple to mop, and it has a certain softness that feels comfortable underfoot. The one aspect where vinyl may have the competitive edge over linoleum, however, is that linoleum can tend to fade after several years, whereas vinyl will more brightly keep its color and style.

3. Cork – For a look that’s more like hardwood, but a bit more forgiving for pets, cork also makes a fabulous flooring choice. Cork has natural antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, and it has a certain softness that feels good and holds up underfoot. One aspect that may have to be one of concern, however, is that cork may scratch more easily than linoleum or vinyl, which means pets’ nails will have to be kept trimmed at all times to avoid scratches. If scratches may occur, choosing a lighter color of cork is a great way to mask any marks, and have beautiful flooring to last a very long time!

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