Pet Friendly Flooring Is More Diverse Than You Think

Pet Friendly Flooring Is More Diverse Than You Think

Your home deserves to look its best, and that applies to it from the ceilings to the floors. Finding a good floor covering is important, and can have a direct impact on virtually everything about the way that you enjoy your time inside your home. And while style is vital for getting the most from your home, there are other aesthetic qualities that need to be given your attention as well. A perfect example of this is in pet friendly flooring.

If you have a pet – or several – you already know that they can do some serious damage to certain types of floors. From embedded hair, dirt, dust, and dander to tracked in mud to scratched areas, some floors just aren’t right for pet owners. But you do have more options than you think when looking for pet friendly flooring. With that in mind, we’ve put together a quick look at some of the main types of flooring that is perfect for pets.

• Hardwood – Hardwood flooring is usually the first choice for pet owners, primarily because it won’t hide dirt and dander like carpet will. However, larger pets could end up leaving scratch marks in the floor as they walk across it, so consider the durability and the finish of the hardwood first.

• Laminate – Laminate floors can replicate the look of hardwood very well, and they offer the same anti-dander and dirt qualities. Additionally, many of the better options don’t scratch as easily. There are numerous different style designs so finding the right one for your home isn’t usually that difficult to do.

• Luxury Vinyl Tile – This isn’t always used throughout a home, but is instead an option most place in kitchens or bathrooms. However, there are several styles of vinyl tiles that are perfect for any room and the material is easy to clean and can stand up to heavy use from animals.

• Cork Flooring – Cork is an option that is getting a lot of attention recently. It offers much more interesting style designs that classic wood, and provides excellent performance. The look isn’t for everyone, but if you like it you’ll be able to give your home a truly unique feel and vibe.

As you can see, one thing that stands out is that if you’re looking for pet friendly flooring, carpet really isn’t the option that you want to go with. However, there are plenty of other choices on the market so finding the right one for your home won’t be hard if you just spend some time and check into all of your options.

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