A Closer Look At Cork Flooring

A Closer Look At Cork Flooring

Flooring for a home has come a long way over the last few decades. We’ve gone from just a few options to a dizzying array of selection, and it’s important that you take the time to really consider all of your choices when replacing or installing flooring in your home. While things like hardwood flooring, carpet, and vinyl all get plenty of attention, there’s a newer floor option that really deserves a closer look as well – cork.

Cork flooring might sound like a gimmick, but it really does provide a great alternative when you want a different kind of floor. Here are a few of the key things you’ll want to understand about cork flooring and why it makes sense for so many people:

• For starters, realize that cork flooring isn’t’ the same as those corks in your wine bottles. Instead, cork flooring is made to be just as durable as laminate and hardwood flooring. It’s a great choice when you have kids or pets since scratches and scuffs rarely occur, and it will provide your family with decades of performance.

• Style matters when you’re placing flooring in your home too, and cork flooring provides some of the most unique and interesting designs out there. Instead of the traditional hardwood floor look, you’ll get natural patterns that aren’t available in other types of flooring. Spend some time reviewing the different options and you’ll likely find the right one for your home. Colors and designs vary greatly, so don’t’ rush your decision.

• Cork is a sustainable resource as well – when the cork is cut from the trees, it doesn’t kill them. Eventually it grows back, providing a solution for flooring that is more environmentally sustainable and well worth paying attention to. This is why cork is getting attention from green builders.

• Cork creates a bit of a softer surface than hardwood, too. That means that families with kids will be able to relax while their little ones play without worrying about them taking a hard fall as much. The spring to the floors are better on your joints as well.

• Finally, cork is an allergenic option as well. Families with pets need to be sure that they can keep their floors clean from debris, pet dander, mud, and more. The smooth surface of cork is easy to clean and provides maximum defense against allergens.

As you can see, cork flooring is something that deserves your attention and that could provide you with the floor of your dreams. Take a look at what it offers and what styles are available and you could be surprised.

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