Your extremely quick guide to kid-friendly flooring

Seeing your baby take his or her first steps is one of the most exciting events for a parent. Unfortunately, those steps come with consequences – both for your infant and the toddler or teenager they’ll grow up to be. Check out our choices for the most kid-friendly flooring to last throughout the years!


When your child is small, the biggest flooring concern you likely will have is that they’ll fall on it. To reduce the risk of injury, carpet works well. It’s soft on hands, knees, and other parts just learning to walk (which pretty much includes your entire child).


If your child is a little older and you’re trying to pay for after-school activities, braces,  college, etc. (yeah, the list is pretty much never-ending), you’ll want an economical flooring choice. Enter vinyl. Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, it’s also moisture resistant—good for when your kids try to turn the bathtub into their own personal pool.


Oh teenagers! Although little kids can be messy too, there’s nothing like a celebration after a soccer game to track dirt, mud, and heaven-knows what else onto your floors. At this stage, you’ll want to go with laminate, which is durable and easy to clean. As for the other aggravations they cause, well, we’re afraid we can’t help you there!

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